As a life coach, healer and spiritual counselor, Julie offers a vast portfolio of services to meet the needs and circumstances of those who rely on her for guidance, to overcome their problems and start living the life they envisioned – anywhere in the world.

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Julie's empathic abilities that give her that extra edge, you literally don't need to tell Julie anything, she will be able to pinpoint your issues within a few minutes of connecting, book a free consultation and try it yourself! Highly recommended for all new clients. Julie will offer genuine advice in the perfect session according to your needs. The consultations take around 10 minutes to do. Via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or messenger. Clients overseas are welcome. FREE Consultation is highly recommend Julie gives you the opportunity after too book the relevant session and will get you booked in 3 days after the consultation.

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Relationship Session£95.00 per session

Relationships are everywhere. Whether they are personal or professional, they have the power to influence your life for better and for worse. These sessions aim to heal you from past hurt and pain, help you get rid of toxic relationships and the blockages that are hurting the way you feel in the present and undermining your future. Julie uses her skillset and experience to tell you how a certain person feels about you, to help you understand love issues and offer solutions that can be implemented right away. She will pull back the curtain and help you understand these deep connections with clarity, the obstacles you might face and how to effectively deal with them so that you can be truly happy and fulfilled with the person that complements you.

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Past Life Reading£260 per session

Designed for those who want to delve deeper into their past lives, unearth phobias and discover unexpected connections, these sessions provide unique insights that cleanse and heal clients, spiritually, from the inside out. Past life readings normally span over 3 sessions

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Spiritual Life Coaching£110 per session

Blunt, straightforward and focused, Julie in nothing like regular counsellors. She leverages her experience and skills to get right to the root of the problem no matter its intricacies. Next, she uses the best strategy to help you deal with any problems, behaviors or thought patterns that are affecting your life – even if you don’t realize it.

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